Plug and Play Installation!

Rigmatic Wireless Depth Tracking is a standalone standard WITS-based system, which acquires signal from the sensors, manipulates, logs, and displays all vital drilling information on a Host touchscreen PC.The system comes pre-installed with software with default factory settings. Multiple user PCs running Depth Tracking application can also connect to the Remote Unit at the same time.

Rigmatic's pleasant and easy-to-navigate software (GUI) not only allows the operators with comprehensive information of Block‚Äôs exact location while moving up/down, Slips In/Out indications, velocity, WOB, highly accurate indication of rate of penetration but, also guides operators with easy calibration steps. Not to mention, operators have the ability to easily change the engineering units anytime.

All of our hardware is meticulously crafted to ensure its ruggedness to face the severest conditions. All sensor power is intrinsically safe to provide the maximum safety at any Horizontal/Directional drilling jobsite.

Our in-house engineering and technical team produces the best quality, and all fabrication is completed in our controlled manufacturing facility. This cuts costs, improves quality, and completely eliminates downtime.


No one can beat our price, quality and accuracy of our systems!

As the global specialist in providing the most advanced and user friendly depth tracking system, we established new standards for doing more with less.

Note:Rigmatic is the original designer, manufacturer and supplier of this kind of Wireless Depth Tracking System, therefore, we supply complete built systems.

Rigmatic has started selling our upgraded Depth Tracking Systems directly, so the customers could take more benefits of our  lower price. Our Depth Tracking System is rapidly gaining popularity around the globe!

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We reserve the right to make alterations to the product for improvements without notice.