Established in early 2010 as Intelligent Automation & Control, Rigmatic Measurements Inc. has emerged as a pioneering force in the realm of depth tracking technology. With a rich history spanning over a decade, our journey began with a steadfast commitment to integrating cutting-edge hardware and software solutions across various industries.

In 2011, we embarked on a transformative path, redirecting our focus towards serving the dynamic needs of the Oil and Gas sector. Recognizing the pivotal role of innovation in optimizing drilling processes, we honed our expertise to deliver unparalleled solutions tailored specifically to the industry's demands.

At Rigmatic Measurements Inc., we take pride in our market-leading depth tracking system, meticulously crafted to empower our clients with real-time monitoring and logging capabilities. By instilling confidence in every facet of the drilling process, our solution serves as a cornerstone for operational excellence, facilitating informed decision-making and driving efficiency at every turn.

Our commitment to innovation extends beyond mere technological prowess; it embodies a philosophy rooted in enabling our clients to achieve greater productivity while minimizing resource utilization. Through a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep-seated passion for revolutionizing the status quo, we continue to redefine industry standards and set new benchmarks for performance and reliability.

As we embark on the next phase of our journey, we remain steadfast in our dedication to pushing the boundaries of possibility, propelling our clients towards unparalleled success in an ever-evolving landscape.

Discover the future of drilling technology with Rigmatic Measurements Inc. - where innovation meets precision, and excellence knows no bounds.