In the ever-evolving landscape of oil and gas exploration, precision and efficiency are paramount. Enter Rigmatic's Depth Tracking System, the pinnacle of depth tracking innovation tailored to revolutionize drilling operations. With a comprehensive suite of advanced features engineered to meet the diverse demands of modern drilling projects, our depth tracking system stands as the epitome of accuracy, reliability, and adaptability.


  • WITS Output (Compatible to any 3rd party software)
  • Block Height
  • Bit Depth
  • Hole Depth
  • Rate Of Penetration (ROP)
  • Hookload Weight
  • Weight On Bit (WOB)
  • Tripping In/Out Velocity
  • Slips IN/OUT Auto/MAN Detection
  • Data Logging w/ Date and Time
  • Real-time Trends
  • Easy Steps Calibration
  • Smart One-touch Re-Calibration
  • Real-time Block Position
  • Sensor Disconnect Alarm
  • Mud Pump SPM & Mud Flowrate (Optional)
  • Rotary Table RPM (Optional) & Much more
1. WITS Output Compatibility: Seamlessly interface with any third-party software through our WITS output, ensuring effortless data exchange and integration with existing systems, facilitating streamlined workflow management.
2. Block Height Monitoring: Maintain precise oversight of block height, empowering operators to optimize drilling operations with meticulous control and adjustment, ensuring adherence to project specifications and enhancing operational efficiency.
3. Bit Depth Tracking: Monitor bit depth with unparalleled accuracy, safeguarding optimal drilling performance while mitigating the risk of costly errors, thereby elevating operational safety and productivity.
4. Comprehensive Depth Metrics: Track hole depth, rate of penetration (ROP), hookload weight, weight on bit (WOB), tripping in/out velocity, slips in/out auto/manual detection, and more, providing a holistic view of drilling parameters for informed decision-making.
5. Intuitive Calibration: Easily calibrate sensors with user-friendly calibration procedures, ensuring optimal system performance and accuracy with minimal downtime or complexity.
6. Smart Re-Calibration: Implement one-touch re-calibration for swift adjustments and fine-tuning, optimizing system performance and maintaining peak accuracy throughout drilling operations.
7. Enhanced Safety Features: Receive sensor disconnect alarms for immediate response to potential equipment issues, enhancing operational safety and reliability in demanding drilling environments.
8. Real-time Analytics: Visualize real-time trends and performance metrics, enabling proactive decision-making and rapid response to operational challenges, enhancing overall drilling efficiency and effectiveness.
9. Optional Advanced Monitoring: Expand functionality with optional features such as mud pump SPM and mud flow rate monitoring, rotary table RPM tracking, and more, tailoring our depth tracker to meet specific project requirements.